We are PhD's and engineers that take consulting assignments seriously. If you are interested what we can offer, please contact info@forsslundsystems.se for a quote.

Software Development

As researchers in Human-Computer Interaction with background in Computer Science and engineering we have a solid knowledge base to take on more or less any software development project. A typical project involve user-centered design, prototyping, impementation and deployment. We handle everything from full-stack web projects, embedded Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and robotics control systems.

Hardware Development and Prototyping

We have built up facilties and processes for quickly making working prototypes spanning hardware, software and interaction. In particular we have contributed novel processes for working in multi-disciplinary teams including industrial designers. In short, we can build physical prototypes that not only work well, but also are aesthetically pleasing and have the end-user front and center from the start. We are happy to do the prototyping work in our own lab.

Research Consultancy

Do you have an open research question or would like to explore what the latest interaction technologies can do for your organisation? We are more than happy to do explorative projects and have several years of experience of handling open-ended research projects.


We teach in university-level courses in Human-Computer Interaction, Physical Interaction Design and Haptics, mainly at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.