Our oral sugery simulator has been continously developed since the foundation of the company in 2008.


Currently it has been purchased by two dental universities in Europe and more is on the way. One key feature of the simulator is the ability to feel the surfaces of virtual bone and teeth and the resistance when drilling into various tissues. Read more


WoodenHaptics is an open source hardware kit for making 3D haptic interfaces.

We sell complete kits and components as a way to facilitate construction of new haptic devices. Read more about the project on www.woodenhaptics.org or get our current Price List

Professional plug-n-play haptic device

We are working on a new professional plug-n-play haptic device that will be suitable for surgery simulation and provide larger forces and better stiffness than currently available for the Kobra simulator. It will also be available for stand-alone use and have an open source firmware and interface. Contact us for more information if you are interested to be an early adopter!