Our Team



Jonas Forsslund

The main founder and CEO of Forsslund Systems. Jonas holds a PhD in Human-computer interaction and a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering, both from the Royal Institue of technology (KTH). 

Jonas Forsslund main research field is in haptic feedback and human-computer interaction. Among other things Jonas has conducted research at Stanford University in Carlifornia.


Martin Flodin

Martin got his MSc in Media technology and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). 

Martin is a web technology expert. He has been involved in the development of the dental simulator with Jonas since the foundation of the company. Martin combines his work in Forsslund Systems together with the Swedish public service television SVT.



Jordi Solsona Belenguer

Jordi studied Telecommunications Engineering in UPC (Spain). He holds a PhD in Human Computer Interaction in the Royal Institute of Technology. Jordi has worked in Microsoft Research Cambridge, ABB Coprporate Research Center, Mobile Life Vinn Excellence Centre among other companies.

Jordi is a very experienced engineer in interaction design. His skills designing high quality prototypes range from electronics, physical fabrication and software. 



Ellinore Seybolt

Ellinore is a Mechanical Design Engineer that designed and developed our new haptic devices. She holds an MSc in Industrial and Product Design from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Ellinore is also working as a consultant at ÅF Industry.


Alexander Jonsson

Industrial and Product Design at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Alexander did his thesis together with Martin on the new design for the Kobra Simulator.


Martin Husell

Industrial Design at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Martin did his thesis together with Alexander on the new design for the Kobra Simulator.


Ramtin Mass

Machine Design at the Royal Institute of Technology.

Ramtin did his master thesis project with us on the new design of a commercial haptic device.


Zoltán Udvardy

Biomedical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology..

Zoltán developed a test bench to test quality and characterization of haptic devices as his master thesis.



Hans Forsslund

Hans is member of the board of Forsslund Systems. He is a retired Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon. 

Hans is currently working as an external consultant within Forsslund Systems. Hans has had a long career as a Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon. Among his positions he has served as head of the Oral and Maxillofacial department and Ophthalmology department at Visby County Hospital in Gotland, Sweden. 


Holger Ronqvist

Holger is Chairman of Forsslund Systems. He has a degree in MSc. in Engineering, from the Royal Institute of Technology. Also, he holds a Masters of laws, from Stockholm University.

Holger Mattias Ronquist is a multi-culturally experienced Chief Executive/International Sales and Marketing Director of products, systems and services in the IT industry. Previous professional experience include serving as Chairman of various companies, Director for Central and Eastern Europe for LM, Ericsson AB and Business Consultant to Teknosell. He is skilled in people management, implementing commercial strategies and forming strategic alliances.