The Studio

In central Sundbyberg in Stockholm county lies our studio/lab/office. It is not the usual IT office but rather a creative workspace which enables our work ranging from web services to hardware engineering with soldering station, bench drill press oscilloscope and a steady stream of UPS trucks coming to our door to deliver parts for prototyping and building products. Our haptic devices (sold under the company Haptikfabriken) are assembled right here.

Jonas Forsslund, Founder

Forsslund Systems AB is founded by Jonas Forsslund. He holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where he also graduated with a MSc in Computer Science and Engineering. He spent two years a visiting researcher at Stanford University, creating the open-source hardware WoodenHaptics haptic device, among other things. He is the lead developer of the Kobra Oral Surgery Simulator, which is in use at several dental universities world-wide. He is also leading the development of the Polhem haptic device.

Forsslund Systems AB was founded in 2008 to commercialize the oral surgery simulator, develop haptic technologies and provide consulting services in general IT. It is now a R&D studio and agency where small teams can create and maintain advanced IT projects under one roof.

Contact us!

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. Contact us on jonas at forsslundsystems.com for more information!